Monday, July 11, 2011

Motolite Express Hatid Service

Hey Motolite! You ought to give me a free car battery for having you as my blog's first post. :-)

Anyway, Motolite's Express Hatid service really did a remarkable job at delivering a new car battery for our car at a rainy 3am today that they have truly earned the right to be my first blog post.

Kudos to Arnold, who came at a little before 2am supposedly just to check and certify that our existing car battery has really gone to battery heaven. You see we asked him to come because their callcenter said we needed the certification so we could charge to the Motolite store where we bought said battery and have them replace it with a 'new' one.

Heck, the thing just died on us -- on the 15th month at that... the exact same day that the warranty was supposed to end! Naturally, I don't want to shell out money for a new one just yet. I know my rights as a consumer. Pasok pa sa warranty yan! Hahaha!

Well, the thing really is dead. Good thing it did not die on us on our way back from SM Fairview where I did not see a single auto or battery shop. That would have meant I needed to push our car from Regalado to home! Can you imagine???

It said adios when hubby was on his way to get a massage. Lucky him a good samaritan came to his rescue and gave him a jumpstart.

The sad thing about my hubby as a 'driver' is that he did not even know the battery was on its last leg! He just kept saying the battery terminals might be loose or are dirty, everytime the engine dies when the car aircon goes on.

So back to Motolite Express Hatid. Arnold came and checked everything. He confirmed the battery was a goner. The bad news is, the store might not replace it ASAP or they might not budge on the "pasok pa sa warranty" line I intend to use because the soonest we can bring it to the store, with the car out of commission, is July 11, and for all intents and purposes the warranty has really expired by then.

Besides, Arnold told us that the replacement we will be given will most likely be a 'reconditioned' battery. This means there is no guarantee that it will last long or that it will not fail in the middle of nowhere.

The 'no guarantee' bit scared the crap out of me (images of us stalled along EDSA, me battling with the MMDA tow truck who desperately wants to tow and get money from us, or me having to push the car to the nearest gasoline station which is always miles away raced in my mind) that I told my hubby to just get a new battery. The hell with the cost of a new battery!

So, Arnold left to get a new battery and got back around 3am to install it. Everything was working fine with the car after that.

Fortunately, you can now pay Motolite via credit card! We just got back from the mall and we don't have cash with us. Sure we can withdraw, but with the car dead, we are pretty much like stranded on a desert island.

Less the trade-in value of the dead battery, we charged P2,806 to HSBC. Aside from peace of mind, we stand to get P100-worth of gas out of it.


1. remember when your warranties expire and try to have everything changed or repaired before it expires.
2. don't dismiss 'signs' your car is showing you; have symptoms checked ASAP.
3. have some cash at home or a credit card on stand-by; you'll never know what you'll need to pay or buy.

Before I close, let me just doff my hat off to Arnold. He came and finished the job at 3:30am. I found out that he still has to report for work at 8am. He does not receive a night differential nor overtime pay for working after 6pm. All he gets is a commission for every sale. No sale means no commission, probably not even a percentage of the P350 we were supposed to pay had he only checked the battery.

It made me realize the sacrifices people like Arnold do to earn what, P500 max? Would you willingly work from 6:01pm to 3:30am for P500? He's lucky if he gets to sell around 3 batteries in that period but with other 'delivery boys' in competition, what are the odds of that?

And here I am... procrastinating. Not wanting to write even a single post when I don't feel like it. Compared to the likes of Arnold, I am a lazy, good-for-nothing bum.



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